10 Things We’re All Guilty Of Doing During Lockdown

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Found yourself developing a few bad habits?

Haven’t we all. There’s something about lockdown that has us questioning exactly who we were before the Coronavirus outbreak, with our lives transforming rapidly in a very short space of time. As we adapt to a brand new way of life, we’re guilty of doing a lot of things we wouldn’t usually under any other circumstances… *Face palm*

1. Eating all the snacks for the week in one day

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You know the saying, out of sight, out of mind. One day you’re stocking up your snack shelf, the same day, you’re eating the whole lot. It’s a vicious cycle and if you have any restraint whatsoever, I envy you. Whether it’s biscuits, crisps or sweets, we’re all probably guilty of polishing off the whole shelf instead of enjoying it throughout the week.

2. The vicious dirty dishes cycle

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Being home all the time means so much more mess than you’re used to – particularly when it comes to dirty dishes and the bins. “How can one person use eight plates in one day?”, “How have I filled an entire bin bag already?” you ask yourself, only to repeat the process the following day and still not keep on top of them. Whoops.

3. Complaining about needing a Gregg’s

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We’re Northerners – of course, we miss Gregg’s, and not a day goes by that we don’t complain about it. Not only did we lose our beloved steak bakes, but many of our favourite restaurants, too. It’s heartbreaking stuff, but it’s all for the good of the world (and probably our cholesterol levels too). We’ll still mourn for you in the meantime, Gregg’s.

4. Trying to work out and failing massively

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Every day it’s the same battle – work out, or pizza? And we all know how that usually ends. Each and every one of us is guaranteed to have done this at least once (or five times) during the UK lockdown already, and we really have no hope that we’ll be getting a fitness routine sorted before this is all over… Whenever that may be.

5. Proudly announcing that you’ll never take your favourite pubs and restaurants for granted again

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While we’re always grateful for our locals, we’re feeling it more so than ever before. Sitting at home on a Friday night isn’t quite the same as sinking a few tasty brews in the pub, but it’s all for our safety – so while we miss them dearly, we can think of them fondly as we prepare for our heartfelt reunion with our favourite local businesses.

6. Crying

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If lockdown can be called anything, it’s an ’emotional rollercoaster’. If it’s not the constant stream of bad news making us tear up, it’s the fact that we’ve eaten all the treats (see number 1). But all jokes aside, trying to remain calm during a global pandemic is incredibly difficult, and we owe it to ourselves to let it all out if we’re feeling a little blue.

7. Finding a newfound hobby in cleaning and tidying

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It’s one thing many of us thought we’d never find a hobby in, but apparently, staying in the house 24/7 can really make you question your identity. Being at home all day can cause a whole lot of mess (see number two), and there’s nothing worse than living and working in an actual pigsty. Us lazy folk have been pretty much forced into a cleaning regime as a combination of both boredom and prolonged messiness. Lucky us.

8. Reading the news we don’t want to see, then feeling rubbish about it

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The Coronavirus outbreak is one of the few pandemics of our time, so it’s naturally unsettling for the majority of us. While checking the news (sometimes obsessively) can seem strangely comforting, most of the time it’s anxiety-inducing too – and we all know this. Still, we continue to check the latest, knowing it’s gonna make us feel crappy afterwards.

9. Waking up with only two minutes until work starts

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There’s no time like the present to develop new bad habits, and this one’s definitely one of them. Gone are the days where we’d get up and get ready for work, as the entire nation ditches the alarm for a little bit more snooze time. Every night I promise myself I’ll get out of bed in time to avoid the awkward run into the living room to log online ahead of 9.30am, and every single morning I let myself down once more. Sorry, boss.

10. Saying “wow isn’t it just so weird to see the streets so empty” on every single daily walk

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It’s safe to say we’re still not used to seeing our streets completely abandoned as everyone retreats indoors, and every single day we express our surprise. Most of it is disbelief that our fellow humans have actually listened to the government and abided by the lockdown rules, with a small part of us just surprised to see no signs of life as we get our daily fresh air.

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