6 Awesome Art Exhibitions To See In Bristol In 2022

Alice Lorenzato-Lloyd Alice Lorenzato-Lloyd - Staff Writer


Some top-notch museum and art gallery exhibitions are arriving in Bristol this year. From sculptures carved into mythical creatures to a trail of globe-shaped ones educating us about Transatlantic Slavery, as well as artwork by the public, established artists, and celebrities displayed on gallery walls, you can definitely get your dose of culture during 2022. Will you see ’em at the museum?

1. Netsuke: Miniature masterpieces in Japan, Bristol Museum & Art Gallery

Credit: Bristol Museums

For the first time, 75 netsuke, finely carved miniature sculptures, from Bristol’s collection will go on display in the Eastern Art Gallery. These sculptures were Japan’s solution to a lack of pockets in men’s kimono and other clothing. Each of the 75 sculptures are unique and they depict a huge range of subjects from Japanese popular culture – animals, mythical creatures and people as well legendary gods and heroes.

Until June 5. Free. More info.

2. Grayson’s Art Club, Bristol Museum & Art Gallery

Credit: Jon Craig and Chris Bahn

If you loved Grayson’s Art Club when it aired on Channel 4, you’ll absolutely love this exhibition at Bristol Museum & Art Gallery. Spread across three floors in the museum, this blockbuster show is a vibrant and poignant chronicle of lockdown. The artworks made by the public, established artists, and celebrities are powerful and very personal responses to the pandemic. Collectively, they form a lasting artistic record of the unprecedented times the nation has experienced together.

Until September 4. Free. More info.

3. Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2021, M Shed

Credit: Jonny Armstrong

Celebrating its 57th year, the Wildlife Photographer of the Year is back with some outstanding images of animals great and small and it’s being exhibited at Bristol’s M Shed. Gaze through the lens of some of the world’s best wildlife photographers and marvel at the beauty of our planet. Witness 100 powerful photographs telling the story of a planet under pressure, giving us a deeper understanding of the issues facing nature and the actions we need to take to protect it.

Until June 5. Tickets from £5. More info.

4. The World Reimagined, Bristol

Credit: The World Reimagined

The World Reimagined is a ground-breaking, national art education project to transform how we understand Transatlantic Slavery. The project will see a trail of large globe sculptures in Bristol from August 2022 through to October during Black History Month, bringing to life the reality and impact of Transatlantic Slavery.

More info.

5. SEE MONSTER, Weston-Super-Mare


A UK-wide programme, known as UNBOXED, designed to celebrate creativity and aimed to reach millions and bring people together is arriving in 2022, with one pop-up installation heading to a coastal spot less than an hour away from Bristol. The programme features one project popping-up in the coastal town of Weston-Super-Mare is called SEE MONSTER, which sees a decommissioned North Sea offshore platform transformed into a public art installation which celebrates British weather.

Summer 2022. Free. More info.

6. Candice Lin’s Pigs and Poison, Spike Island

Credit: Spike Island

Artist Candice Lin’s Pig and Poison exhibition expands on her ongoing research into marginalised histories, colonial legacies and the materials that link them. Pigs and Poison includes flesh-like sculptures, a virtual reality animation, and a huge medieval trebuchet that launches cannonballs made of lard and bone black pigment directly at the gallery walls.

From February 5 until May 8. Free. More info.