The Latest Bristol Mural By Banksy Has Been Boarded Up Sparking Fears Of Removal

Alice Lorenzato-Lloyd Alice Lorenzato-Lloyd - Staff Writer

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The news comes as a Nottingham mural by the same artist has been removed.

They say you can never have too much of a good thing but sadly one good thing that emerged in Bristol at the end of a rather rubbish year was a brand new mural from the Bristol artist, Banksy, but there is speculation as to whether it will last as long as we hoped. The mural, referred to as ‘Aachoo!’, on Vale Street in Totterdown appeared in December but has recently been boarded up from view.

Local residents and passers-by spotted a wooden structure covering the mural on the steepest street in England, sparking concerns as to whether this latest artwork will remain in this location. Back in December, a plastic protective covering was placed across the artwork once there was confirmation that it was one of Banksy’s pieces. Then earlier this month, the mural featured a wooden structure over it but with Perspex so the mural could still be seen, however it has been confirmed that it currently remains intact behind the wooden boards.

One resident told the Bristol Post: “Looks like the Banksy on Vale Street, Totterdown is going to be removed? It is really valued by the community and the city as a whole and will be a real shame if it does go.” The piece has attracted hundreds of visitors, mainly passing-by during their daily exercise, since the elusive Banksy claimed responsibility for the mural.

Other Banksy murals across the world have been removed from walls in order to be sold at auction, but it is unknown if that is the plan for Aachoo!. The most recent Banksy artwork being sold was announced today, which features a girl hoola-hooping with a bicycle tyre and is located in Nottingham. It was reported that the mural was removed from the brick wall and that a gallery owner paid a “six-figure sum” for the piece.

Fingers crossed this Banksy mural stays in Bristol.

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