This Candlelight Piano Performance Is Lighting Up Bristol Museum & Art Gallery

Tamsin Salfrais Tamsin Salfrais - Staff Writer

Candlelight Tribute to Ludovico Einaudi

Whether you’re after a date night, mate night or ‘treat yourself’ night, this Candlelight tribute to Ludovico Einaudi will illuminate your evening.

Between Banksy’s artwork, Egyptian mummies and the Bristol Diamonds, Bristol Museum & Art Gallery plays host to some pretty special pieces. On November 23 and December 7 & 13,  this wondrous collection will expand to include a Candlelight tribute to Ludovico Einaudi. The night will feature Einaudi’s legendary compositions by candlelight, performed by Dominic Irving, and tickets are available now.

Candlelight Tribute to Ludovico Einaudi

As Irving takes to the atmospherically lit stage, you’ll hear 60 minutes of classical Einaudi masterpieces. The selection of the Italian composer’s works will include Primavera, Rêverie, Nuvole Bianche and much more. A pianist’s performance, surrounded by hundreds of candles: can you picture a more magical setting?

Candlelight Tribute to Ludovico Einaudi

Bristol Museum & Art Gallery features Edwardian Baroque architecture, grand staircases and chandeliers and other impressive period attributes, making it an ideal location for this spellbinding night of music, so give your social calendar a glow up and book today.

Candlelight: Tribute to Ludovico Einaudi

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