Here Is The Easiest Way To Plant A Tree For Earth Day This Year

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Happy Earth Day 2021!

Among all the madness that the last year has thrown us, it’s sometimes easy to forget, you know, the problems of the future that loom over us. Earth Day serves as an annual, poignant reminder to support environmental protection all year round. [Featured Image: Constantinescu Adela, Shutterstock].

And this year, you can help out the fight against climate change in probably the simplest way ever? Leaf Scissors, a sustainable salon, has pledged to plant a tree for every like their Earth Day post gets on Instagram.

Yep… It’s literally that easy. Think of how many posts you like every day on the old ‘gram; one of those can now go towards planting a tree for cleaner air!

This pledge has been partnered with Eden Projects (not to be confused by Eden Project, the Cornwall Botanical Gardens), a reforestation setup that aims to restore and protect forests on a large scale.

Leaf Scissors’ full post reads: “Happy Earth Day, everyone! Help us celebrate earth day, Like this post and we will plant a tree.

“For every like a tree will be planted by our partners @edenprojects for more information on the eden project head to our website now. We will have to cap at 5,000 trees due to being a small independent business but we can certainly make it our goal!”

Head to their post, hit like and voilà! A tree will be planted thanks to you, and they will get closer to their goal of 5,000 trees this Earth Day. One like = One tree planted!

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