Get Inside The Mind Of A Psychopath At This Chilling Lecture And Q&A

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Find out how to spot a psychopath at this intriguing talk.

You may already know of famous psychopaths and serial killers Jack The Ripper and Ted Bundy, but have you ever thought that you may have already encountered a psychopath or more in your lifetime? For those with a stout heart and thirst for knowledge, you can join this fascinating Fever talk about the Psychology of Psychopaths and you may not be so surprised that the answer is yes! Kicking off on Wednesday 22 September, at 7pm, it’ll take you deep inside the mind of a psychopath – thankfully, from the safe and controlled setting of Ashton Gate Stadium – and tickets to this thrilling event are available here.

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What is the difference between a psychopath and sociopath? Experts say the traits between these two psychological behaviours vary such as having a conscience, psychopaths do not have one and sociopaths are said to have a conscience, but a weak one. Here to guide you through all of the characteristics of a psychopath will be a speaker (TBA) with expertise in Psychopathic traits.

Why is it not easy to spot a psychopath? Are all psychopaths cold, calculating killers? And why exactly are you so keen to learn more about them? All the answers will be revealed, alongside fascinating tidbits including real-life and fictional examples of psychopaths such as Jeffrey Dahmer and, yes, even James Bond.

Despite psychopaths usually being portrayed as the villains in films and TV shows who kill or torture innocent people, you’ll be relieved to discover that in real life not all have violent tendencies. Instead, this exciting talk on the Psychology of Psychopaths will reveal how some psychopaths may use manipulation and reckless behaviour to get what they want, no matter the consequences. Exciting, albeit scary, stuff!

So you’ve waded your way through crime documentaries and psychological thrillers on Netflix featuring psychopaths, but are you ready to find out the neuroscience behind the condition?

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