This Fairground-Inspired Darts Bar Has Opened In Bristol, And It’s Perfect For Mates Dates

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The pub classic has been given a new lease of life.

Keep your eyes on the prize as social darts venue, Flight Club, has officially opened its doors on Bristol’s Corn Street this month, and it’s the ultimate mate date destination. Work do? Sorted. Catch-up with the squad? You got it. Double date? It’s the perfect venue.

With venues not only in Bristol, but London, Manchester and Birmingham, too, the bar has proven that darts is more than just a pub game – combining the activity with a delicious menu of cocktails, food and more. Open from July 30, Flight Club has announced that you and your mates can now book to celebrate your newfound freedom and compete to get a bullseye!

Credit: Flight Club Bristol

The club has reinvented the game of darts – which, until recently, had been played by men called Big Les in dingy pubs – using patented dart-tracking technology designed by Flight Club’s own astrophysicist. Each board sits under the gaze of three precision cameras, that together can identify the location of each dart with sub-millimetre accuracy.

The same system also keeps score, tracks whose turn it is and which numbers each player needs to hit, before proudly announcing the winner’s victory on a big screen. The ‘Stories’ system then sends everyone a colourful digital dossier full of highlights, replays, loopcams and footage from the action-replay cam.

Credit: Flight Club Bristol

The bar has multiple oches (pronounced like hockey) available to book, each with its own seating area and table service, so food and drink (including pizzas, sharing platters, and cocktails) can be delivered directly to your board. The club also features a long signature bar and hosts live DJ sets throughout the week, as well as a Brunch Social available every Thursday to Sunday from 12pm to 4.30pm.

The venue also offers a range of bookable private and semi-private spaces for anything from two to 350 people for Christmas parties, birthdays and company events. Flight Club is open from 12pm until late, and to book your place you can visit the website here. Better get practising!

Flight Club, 41 Corn Street, BS1 1HT

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