A Four-Day Working Week Could Become A Reality For Three Million UK Workers

Jack Saddler Jack Saddler

A Four-Day Working Week Could Become A Reality For Three Million UK Workers

Who wouldn’t want this to happen?

It feels like forever since the last bank holiday here in Blighty, but this week marks the much-anticipated Easter Weekend. Basically, it means we get to eat chocolate over a four-day weekend–and for two weeks, most Brits will enjoy a four-day-working week.

But, what if that last part was a reality, like, every week? Earlier this month, we told you about Spain’s plans to trial a four-day working week, which was met with many of you longing for the powers that be to give it a go over here.

Well, some of you might just have those prayers answered. A fresh survey has discovered that nearly one-fifth of companies in Britain are considering switching to a four-day working week after the pandemic. If they did all decide to make the leap, it would end up benefitting around three-million workers.

Charity Be The Business found that 18% are contemplating the move in a bid to adopt more flexible work patterns and improve employee productivity.

Autonomy, a think tank, are calling for these reduced working hours, and their director of research outlined some reasoning.

“All the evidence shows that moving to a four-day week is a win-win for both employers and workers – and this is why we’re seeing increasing adoption across sectors” he said. “The best way to create a better world of work after Covid is by addressing how we work at the shop floor level.

“Going for a four-day working week would bring huge benefits to workers’ mental health, which directly feeds into firm performance.”

Fingers crossed your workplace is part of that holy 18% considering the switch then, I guess. But for now, get that wonderful taster in over the Easter Weekend!

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