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IKEA Will Buy Your Old Furniture For Up To Half The Original Price And There’s Really No Catch

By Ivy Richardson October 16, 2020

IKEA are championing sustainability with their new ‘Buy Back’ recycling scheme.

In an attempt to make the company more environmentally-friendly, IKEA are launching a new recycling scheme that will commence on Black Friday (November 27). They will purchase your unwanted IKEA furniture for up to 50% of what you paid, and will resell these items as second-hand. Forget storage facilities and meatballs, the store may just be remembered for its remarkable sustainability efforts.

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Not all of their iconic items can be returned in this scheme, however the list is pretty extensive. Sideboards, bookcases, shelving, small tables, dining tables, office drawers, desks, chairs, stools and some children’s products all qualify (as long as they aren’t made with upholstery fabrics). Got on old Billy bookcase that has overstayed its welcome? Why not return it for some free money? It’s a no-brainer!

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For furniture that is completely unscathed, you will receive Ikea vouchers worth 50% of the original purchase price. Items in decent condition will get you 40%, and pieces that are a little worse for wear will award you 30%. These prices will be determined in store but you can get a rough estimate beforehand with their online calculator. Don’t worry if your items aren’t in pristine condition, those that can’t be resold, will be recycled – it’s a win win!

It is also absolutely no coincidence that this scheme commences on Black Friday. The idea was to steer customers away from the fast-fashion, impulse-buying mentality that Black Friday thrives off of and instead, encourage a more sustainable way of living.

The retail manager for Ikea in the UK, Peter Jelkeby, said “With the launch of Buy Back we are giving a second life to many Ikea products and creating more easy and affordable solutions to help people live more sustainably.” Definitely something we can support!

In other news, Ikea are launching a vegan version of their infamous meatballs this month.

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