This Interactive Map Shows You Where All The Little Libraries In Bristol Are

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There are now more than two dozen little libraries in the city.

Lockdown has seen many of us take up reading during our spare time, and even sometimes devour books quicker than the amount of time it takes for that evening takeaway to arrive. With libraries closed and the need for escapism with a good book, a number of ‘little libraries’ have been set up across Bristol.

There are now more than 20 little libraries throughout Bristol, which offer a place for people to borrow and return books or keep and and swap it for something else, all for free. The latest little library to be started up is one in Bishopston on Elton Road, made by Olivia Clements, who works at Bristol book shop, Max Minerva’s. Olivia is currently documenting similar book swaps across the world, including some in Bristol and the surrounding area including one in Chew Valley.

With lots of enthusiasm towards these little libraries in Bristol, Jade Palmer, who is part of the Bristol Book Share Facebook group, has created an interactive Google map to document where all of the libraries are. The map has recorded almost 30 little libraries in Bristol, with Jade and others in the Facebook group currently verifying which still exist and are active.

Credit: Jade Palmer, Google Maps

With some criticism for using the word ‘library’ and many areas seeing more of their libraries closing, Olivia Clements agreed that public libraries are under-staffed and under-funded. Jade Palmer told Bristol 24/7 that she thinks “the little libraries are a really good idea, they are becoming increasingly popular, especially in Bristol it seems.” Jade Palmer thinks these little libraries shouldn’t be a concern for actual libraries as it might encourage people to use the libraries when they reopen if they don’t already do so.

The green markers on the map are the little libraries which have been verified by map-creator, Jade Palmer, and the purple markers are for the little libraries she is yet to visit or knows the exact location of. People can verify and add libraries via the Bristol Book Share Facebook group.

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