7 Perfectly Peaceful Places In Bristol To Experience A Rare Moment Of Stillness

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Take a moment to relax at one of these great spots in Bristol.

Life can be rather overwhelming and a change in scenery and bit of fresh air is a great way to switch off. Bristol is blessed with a number of spots, from parks and gardens that you can literally get lost in, to glistening water spots that were literally made for us to sit by and reflect on the world. With this in mind, here’s our list of some of the most peaceful places in the city for you to visit when you’re in need of some escapism.

1. Castle Park

Nothing says relaxation quite like a beautifully green park and Bristol has plenty to choose from, especially during the spring and summer months. Castle Park is probably one of the most beautiful and bright green spaces in Bristol. It might be slap bang in the city centre but it is quite the small safe-haven for some fresh air and clear your mind.  The park provides plenty of escapism from the hustle and bustle, due to its grassy areas, silver birch trees, a sensory herb garden, and ruins of Bristol Castle and St. Peter’s Church. Combine that with the sound of flowing water nearby and you’ve got quite the spot whether it’s somewhere for stillness, lunch or to delve into a good book.

2. Brandon Hill Park

Brandon Hill Park is one of the oldest parks in Bristol, where you can enjoy great views over the city and Harbourside area. Located just off Park Street in the West End, Brandon Hill features beautiful winding paths and a nature conservation area, and of course the icon of Bristol’s skyline, Cabot Tower. This park is great if you’re after a quick walk to clear your head as you pass the serene landscape, plus with its steep hills it’ll get your heart pumping thus releasing some endorphins.

3. Bristol Street Art

Bristol boasts plenty of street art and not only does it brighten up the city, but seeing a colourful work of art could even brighten up our day too. Taking a walk around town to places such as Stokes Croft, Park Street and the Harbourside, you can find street art from Banksy and other local artists that have decorated the canvas that is Bristol. Or head south of the river to Bedminster, the home of street art festival Upfest, where you’ll find North Street emblazoned with colourful murals.

4. Millennium Square

Close to the harbour, Millennium Square may not be one of the most peaceful places you think of, however it’s great to sit in and watch the world go by. The square, much like an art exhibit itself, is decorated with bronze statues and a unique fountain feature, which resembles somewhat of a giant disco ball, creating an open and calm public area. Despite the fountain feature’s resemblance, there is no disco here and on an early morning strolling through this square it can provide some silence.

5. Troopers Hill

Troopers Hill Nature Reserve is a local nature reserve in the St George area of east Bristol, and overlooks the River Avon. With history, wild plants, animals, stunning views and two listed chimneys, Troopers Hill Nature Reserve is one of the most spectacular wildlife spots in the city – and there is free unrestricted access every day. Sit up on the hill here as you look at the cityscape and you’ll have even greater appreciation for this city. Plus, this is possibly one of the only peaceful places in Bristol that can give you both a moment of stillness and a chance to shout or scream should you need it.

6. Bristol Harbour

There’s just something about being by the water that can be relaxing and peaceful. Bristol Harbour as the sun sets is divine. [Insert emoji with heart eyes here.] When you head down to the docks and see that view, you can definitely see why it iss the perfect setting for some quiet contemplation. Take a stroll alongside the harbour without headphones and enjoy hearing the signature noises of this part of the city- the hum of boat motors passing by, the chatter of people dining, the seagulls screeching as they pass over the water.

7. Snuff Mills

Another beautiful water feature is Snuff Mills in Fishponds, north east of the city. Beyond the parkland of Oldbury Court Estate, you can follow the path down to the river Frome, then on towards Snuff Mills, an historic section of the Frome Valley Walkway, where you’ll discover beautiful flowing water. This part of Bristol is a great place to dust off those cobwebs and just listen to the sound of the waterfall.

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