18 Of Bristol’s Prettiest Streets That You’ll Dream About Forever

Alice Lorenzato-Lloyd Alice Lorenzato-Lloyd - Staff Writer

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The prettiest streets in Bristol are an intoxicating mix of cute crescents, ravishing roads, lovely lanes, and magnificent mews.

We already know that Bristol is pretty, but these streets dotted around the city show just how beautiful it is. From roads with houses donned with murals and brightly-coloured paint to little cobbled lanes and historical buildings on some of the busier streets, these all bring plenty of character to Bristol.

1. North Street

2. All Saints Lane

3. Millgrove Street

4. Picton Street

5. Stokes Croft

6. Park Row

7. Wanscow Walk

8. Boiling Wells Lane

9. Woolcot Street

10. Colston Street

11. Christmas Steps

12. Royal York Crescent

13. Freeland Place

14. Ambrose Road

15. Church Lane

16. Broad Street

17. Corn Street

18. Cabot Circus

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