Primark Plans To Open 24 Hours A Day From December

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Shops are currently permitted to re-open in December and Primark isn’t playing around, with plans to open 24 hours a day!

With the lockdown set to end in December, shoppers may be worrying about the crowds in the run-up to Christmas. After all, with less than 20 days of opportunity to shop instore before Christmas, things are bound to be a bit hectic. Primark plans to combat this by opening their shops 24 hours a day so that shoppers can spread out their Christmas shopping and avoid congestion in the aisles.

Some might question the logic of buying bed socks or wrapping paper at 5 in the morning but plenty of people work shifts during the night, especially our key workers who struggle to find free time. This brilliant initiative might just help things to run more smoothly over the Christmas period after all.

Shoppers might be wondering which of the Primark stores these new opening hours will apply to and we don’t have the answer to this yet. However, they haven’t specified a shop or part of the country, so fingers crossed it will apply to all of them!

Only time will tell whether other retailers will adopt this initiative but if it helps people to avoid virus contagion and enjoy their Christmas, it sounds like a fantastic idea.

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