Cheer Your Team On To Glory This Winter At Bristol’s Brilliant Six Nations Fan Park

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Cheer Your Team On To Glory This Winter At Bristol’s Brilliant Six Nations Fan Park

When the Six Nations kicks off in a splatter of mud and a roar of the crowd this February, you’ll want to make sure you have a prime position to see every bit of the action. We’ve got just the place in mind. 4TheFans are putting on epic match viewing parties at Bambalan over the course of the competition, treating fans to an incredible fan park experience with giant anti-glare screens, a world-class sound system, all the classic food and drink you need to fuel your celebrations and even some match analysis from rugby legends. Make sure you don’t miss out on tickets.

It’s a bit tricky to be jetting off to each match (though if you have somehow managed to bag tickets for all of them kudos to you) so chances are you’ll be looking for the next best place to see all the Six Nations’ matches live in their full action-packed glory. Luckily, the massive screens at this fan park will make you feel as if you have stepped onto the field itself, where the high-definition means you can see everything from the blades of grass to the exact second before players collide in a bone-crunching tackle. The sound system doesn’t hurt either, capturing every cheer and groan with perfect clarity.

The experience will be hosted by a variety of legends from the sport, including former rugby players and pundits such as Andy Goode and Dean Richards. They’ll be there to give their expert opinions and analysis as the match unfolds. It will almost feel as if you are sitting in the commentary box at the game itself.

The lively atmosphere only adds to the experience. Every ripple of celebration you might expect if you were in the stands will be coursing through the people watching beside you, same with every stamp of the feet, cry of tense despair….right down to the familiar hoppy smell of beer clutched by the rows of fans. If that’s not your drink of choice though there will also be cider, wine and soft drinks to choose from. Not only that, but there’s also mouthwatering pies to dig into when you get peckish (or need something to soak up the heady buzz of booze).

This fan park ticks all the boxes. Not only will you have a great spot to watch every try, penalty kick, conversion but you’ll also be rubbing shoulders with rugby legends, celebrating (or commiserating) alongside like-minded fans and maybe even getting something extra in one of the competitions or giveaways that will be taking place. Plus, when you arrive there’ll be pre-show DJs and live bands to get you fully in the mood for an unforgettable party. Whatever team you support, this is a great environment to watch the Six Nations – choose from a standing, seated or VIP ticket.

Six Nations Fan Park - Watch the Rugby Live!

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