Discover Bristol’s Hidden Street Art Spots With This Immersive Outdoor Adventure Game

Secret Bristol Secret Bristol

Discover Bristol’s Hidden Street Art Spots With This Immersive Outdoor Adventure Game

Discover the incredible stories behind Bristol’s famous street art with this cryptic, open-air game.

You’re never short of graffiti-related things to do in Bristol, what with it being the UK capital of street art, and home to the illusive Banksy. But if you’re looking for something a little different—something that will really challenge your brain—we’ve got just the thing for you. Questo specialises in outdoor urban exploration games, and it has to be the most original way to discover a city. By mixing a fictional storyline with real elements of folklore and local history, their outdoor games will take you on unique and unusual adventures where you’re guaranteed to see Bristol in a whole new light.

Photo: Martyna Bober, Unsplash

In this particular exploration game, you will play the role of a travel blogger searching for a graffiti artist you once loved. Meanwhile, you will be guided past some of the city’s best street art hotspots, following step-by-step instructions in order to solve clues.

Photo: Harry Kessell, Unsplash

Alone or with others, this game will take you on a journey along the streets of Bristol, through a maze of open-air puzzles and mysteries. It’s available directly from your smartphone, so you’ll have all of this at your fingertips. Just start the quest, follow the challenges given by the application, and score points as you unlock the clues allowing you to resolve the scenario! The games and puzzles are designed by Questo, with help from local creators who will reveal their own secrets to you along the way. Are you ready to go on an adventure?

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