This Bristol Brewery Has Created A Carbon Neutral Beer Using Pieminister’s Pie Crust Trimmings

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We love a good pie and a pint of beer, but what about combining the two? Well, it seems one Bristol brewery has made it a reality by joining forces with popular pie manufacturer and restaurant, Pieminister.

Brewed by Tapestry in St Philip’s Marsh using pie crust trimmings from the Pieminister factory in Brentry, the brewery has formulated a limited edition beer known as Pie-oneer. The light and refreshing pale ale not only boasts undertones of golden, crisp pastry but it is also carbon neutral.

The brewery have used British hops and water-efficient methods alongside the off-cuts of Pieminister’s signature plant-based pastry in order to create a 100% vegan, unfiltered and unfined brew. Pie-oneer has a naturally hazy appearance to it and is said to make the perfect pairing with a Pieminister pie.

Luckily for Bristolians can get the chance to enjoy this limited edition Tapestry beer at either the Stokes Croft or Broad Quay Pieminister branches from January 7. But the best bit to this boozy creation is that 10p of each beer sold will go directly to Bristol-based charity Props, which supports adults with learning difficulties to achieve their full potential.

Also collaborating on the project is GENeco in Avonmouth, who have helped to remove the carbon associated with beer production by using renewable energy produced by recycling inedible food waste. Unavoidable food waste from Pieminister’s Bristol kitchens has already been used by GENeco to produce renewable energy, sustainable transport fuel and nutrient rich biofertilisers for the last five years.

Richard McCluskey, Head of Waste & Resources at GENeco, said: “Pie-oneer is all about showcasing waste as a resource in a fun and innovative way whilst raising awareness of food waste. More than anything, it represents the collaboration we believe is required between businesses and organisations with shared sustainability values to reduce their impact on the environment and help achieve net zero climate goals.”

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