This Asian Restaurant In Bristol Has Opened A New Lunch Bar Serving Katsu Dishes And Poké Bowls

Alice Lorenzato-Lloyd Alice Lorenzato-Lloyd - Staff Writer


Known for their unbao-lievable bao buns and comforting bowls of ramen, one of Bristol’s favourite Asian restaurants has opened up a one-stop dining destination with plenty of food to drool over. Located on Queens Road, Woky Ko Lunch Bar will be serving up a delicious array of Asian inspired grab-and-go delicacies, coffee, freshly baked goods and soft serve ice cream.

Credit: Woky Ko

Open from 8am to 3pm, Monday to Friday, this new lunch spot centres around a modern take on an ancient Chinese tradition known as bing. Described as a Chinese bread similar to a flatbread, the new lunch bar will serve up a delicious selection of bing; brimming with fillings from spicy pork chashu, Korean fried chicken or spicy miso aubergine.

Woky Ko is also introducing poké bowls to the menu with options ranging from signature Korean fried chicken, pork chashu, salmon and Sichuan cauliflower. Plus, fans of the Asian restaurant can expect to see some firm favourites on the menu, such as their incredible katsu, red curry and mapo tofu.


For your morning coffee fix, Woky Ko has teamed up with Bristol coffee legends Wogan Coffee, to establish a varied menu of coffees which use a new and unique Woky x Wogan blend. There is also a bakery counter which will feature daily offerings from Bosh Kitchen, with incredible treats such as Sichuan and orange brownie, sticky date and ginger cake, peanut butter and dark chocolate flapjack and tahini and black sesame cookie.

Better yet, the grab and go Woky Ko will be offering a new soft serve ice cream and diners can choose from the likes of vanilla ice cream served with a Bosh brownie, their iconic affogato, or a soft serve chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich. By evening, the Woky Ko Lunch Bar will continue to serve Bristol with its delivery and click and collect service, with Woky’s iconic pink bags zipping across all corners of the city.

Credit: Woky Ko

Woky Ko founder Larkin Cen explains: “Queens Road is a great lunch spot and we’ve been looking forward to being able to create an Asian-inspired lunch option from our flagship space which has the most spectacular view of the Wills Memorial building.

“We’ve created an upstairs seating area to enable people to eat in, and there’s coffee, signature Woky dishes in lunch portions and our new wraps inspired by Chinese bing. Just like everything we serve, the dishes use fresh ingredients and clean recipes so you can enjoy Asian flavours at lunchtime.”

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