This Bristol Couple Dancing In The Mist On Clifton Bridge Is The Wholesome Content We Need

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This Bristol Couple Dancing In The Mist On Clifton Bridge Is The Wholesome Content We Need

The photographer is trying to find the couple.

As we’ve learnt from last year, lockdown can bring out the best (and sometimes worst) of us and has provided us with some rare opportunities. Whether it’s gaining a new skill such as learning a language or knitting or simply realising that you needed to slow down and make more time for yourself. Well, for one Bristol couple they’ve taken advantage of their daily exercise during the third national lockdown by dancing on Clifton Suspension Bridge, of all places.

Bristol photographer, Joe Williams, spotted the pair dancing on the deserted bridge on a misty morning last week and couldn’t resist getting a snap. Unfortunately, with social distancing guidelines in place, and probably not wanting to kill their moment, the photographer was unable to show the couple the beautiful shot.

Now, after a number of positive responses to the pic, the photographer is making a call out for Bristolians to help find the couple in the photo dancing amidst all the stress and worry in the world. If this photo wasn’t wholesome and cute enough, Joe Williams also wants to gift the photographed couple a print of this snap.

Joe Williams’s posted the shot to Instagram, saying: “Dancing through the icy cold mist across the suspension bridge… at 9am in the middle of a global pandemic. Whoever these people are, salute! Currently feeling like I should have shared this with them. Either way, I’m very grateful to have captured the moment.

“Everyone has their own way of dancing through the mist. Lockdown gives us the opportunity to find it. Chins up, shoulders back, dance.”

The photographer later added to his post:  “Help us find these lockdown luvvers! Since I have been receiving some amazing responses to this photo, it will be quality to track the couple down and gift them a print off! Please share this post and help us!”

We could all do with some positive content and this couple is proving that love isn’t lost in lockdown. Get in touch with Joe Williams if you think you recognise the Bristol couple in the mist on Clifton Suspension Bridge.

If there is such a thing as lockdown couple goals, this looks like a worthy contender.

[Featured Image: Joe Williams]

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