11 Photos Of Bristol Looking Eerily Empty During Lockdown

Alice Lorenzato-Lloyd Alice Lorenzato-Lloyd - Staff Writer


Scenes similar to Chernobyl have been spotted around Bristol since the Government advised us Brits to stay at home.

For a place with a population of almost half a million, it’s a pretty rare to see this city become a complete ghost town. Abandoned by many, other than those who are still required to work outside of home such as shop/retail workers and those working in health and medical care, Bristol has been looking far from its usual self during lockdown.

Usually packed places such as the Christmas Steps, Clifton Suspension Bridge and Millennium Square have appeared completely deserted, as the city does its bit to keep their fellow Bristolians safe and well. Here’s some super eerie photos of a temporarily empty Bristol city centre.

1. St Nicholas Market


2. Cumberland Basin


3. The Mall, Clifton


4. Corn Street


5. Rupert Street


6. Victoria Street


7. College Green


8. Millennium Square


9. Christmas Steps


10. Clifton Suspension Bridge



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