This Digital Football Platform Will Help You Become A World-Beating Coach

Alice Lorenzato-Lloyd Alice Lorenzato-Lloyd - Staff Writer


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The coach’s vision is unique, a plan which exists nowhere but inside his head – but what if a group of coaches came together to share all their experience first hand? What if, in addition, that information could be consulted from anywhere in the world, at any time? That is the idea developed by Coach Football Motion, the first digital platform aimed at all football professionals and fans, from the grassroots to the elite, in which members of the coaching staff of Atlético de Madrid, Lyon, AS Roma, River Plate, and the national teams of Spain, England, and Brazil have put all their expertise to tell you everything about this sport.

Coach Motion Football

This international event is designed so that coaches from all over the planet, along with curious fans, can continue to soak up the brilliant ideas from the best coaches in the industry. It’s also the world’s largest online football conference, with more than 70 presentations available.

Coaches, physical trainers, goalkeeping coaches, and academy directors of the best clubs and national teams in the world share their knowledge and experience in this online program, which uses lectures and exclusive videos to give you the keys to the football kingdom.

Coach Motion Football

Learn through interviews and reports how an elite team is managed, what tactical concepts are being used today, and what the ideal physical preparation for a professional footballer is, among many other topics that’ll turn you into a tactical genius in no time.

This digital platform, full of talks and interviews, is now offering you all its knowledge for one year. The Coach Football Motion subscription now on sale at an exclusive price for the entire 2020/2021 season, if you subscribe through this article. Jump from the stands to the field with a single click and experience football from within.

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