10 Ways To Celebrate The Festive Season This Year On Your Own

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10 Ways To Celebrate The Festive Season This Year On Your Own

Christmas alone means lie-ins, food comas, comfy clothes and no judgement.

In classic 2020 style, most of our plans for Christmas have had to be scrapped following the government’s announcement of Tier 4 restrictions and expanding your bubble on Christmas Day only, but it doesn’t have to be a dreary day in isolation. Spending the festive season on your own means you can call the shots and may even have some perks like avoiding those uncomfortable conversations with relatives about your career or love life. You can thank 2020 for that. So to help get you through and give you some inspo on how to spend the festive season, here’s the Secret Bristol’s guide to celebrating solo.

1. Eat all the pigs in blankets to yourself

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Whether you want mince pies for breakfast, a pot noodle for lunch and a bowl of pigs and blankets for dinner, no one is there to limit you or judge you. Have whatever takes your fancy. Whether those suggestions sound good, or in a different order, or you prefer a day full of treats or a low-maintenance meal (takeaway) then go right ahead.

2. Celebrate in style by donning your favourite PJs

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Christmas alone means you decide the dress code. Since we can’t really go anywhere right now, we think pyjamas are a suitable choice. They’re comfy, stretchy, cosy and well…did we say they’re comfy? Feel free to scrub up if you wish, maybe in case you do get a call from family or friends, or you could always throw on a nice jumper or top over the pjs. We’ve all more or less been doing that for most of this year…

3. Plan a day of fun activities

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Make a plan in advance if you can, as you may find yourself lost when Christmas Day comes around. Your agenda doesn’t have to be rigorous but  ‘wake up whenever, hot buttery toast and tea for breakfast, bubble bath, watch films, go for walk’ will give you a structure to enjoy. Some other suggested activities for you to enjoy could include colouring, reading, baking, completing a jigsaw puzzle or remaining horizontal for the day.

4. Give your friends and family a call

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Find some time in your day to schedule calls with loved ones, as although you may be apart it’s great to see a familiar face. Remember some people can feel lonely even in a house full of relatives. Even people in bustling houses can feel sad, so your call could do wonders for them too. Whether it’s just a quick call to say Merry Christmas and thank you for a present, hear about the escapades in their household like someone dropping the turkey or for an hour-long catch up with a friend, it’s a great way to pass the time and feel connected.

5. Open your gifts whenever you want

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You could arrange a video call to open your gifts together or simply tear open that wrapping paper without a second’s thought. The perk of opening a present alone, is you needn’t have to act fake overjoyed when one of your family members gifts you yet another [insert garish gift here]. Plus, no one has to know you may or may not have eaten all of the chocolate coins in your stocking.

6. Create a Christmas playlist and dance around the house to it

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Music makes everything better. Whatever feel-good music you like, whether that includes Christmas songs or not, make it into a playlist and simply hit play. Dance around your home like no one is watching. Because there really isn’t. This will be sure to shake off any winter blues you may have, and it’s even great to have music playing whilst you’re doing other activities such as cooking.

7. Deck the halls

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Get into the festive spirit by hanging up some tinsel, lights, baubles or even some homemade creations around your home. Not only does it brighten the place up and bring some Christmas cheer, but it also makes it not feel like any other day. Feel free to pour yourself a glass of mulled wine and play some music whilst you decorate. Also, who doesn’t like a little bit of sparkle?  It’s certainly needed after this year.

8. Watch your favourite festive films


Put your feet up and watch the telly on your own this festive season. Netflix has plenty of brand new Christmas films to enjoy as well as some classics such as The Holiday. So, grab a glass of your tipple of choice- wine, beer, tea, or hot chocolate- forget what’s going on in the world and watch some feel-good content.

9. Head outdoors for a stroll

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It might be cosy staying indoors, especially in those pyjamas, but a stroll outdoors will get those endorphins going. Plus, you may even be greeted with a ‘Merry Christmas’ and a smile from a stranger and their dog, which makes all the difference to your day. You don’t have to go far but you may even discover new parts of the city or see it in a new light with some of the empty streets and less cars on the road.

10. Remember it’s only 24 hours


2020 has thrown us a lot of curveballs so you needn’t have to put pressure on having a fully-scheduled plan for the day and having the best Christmas ever. Give yourself a break, try to do some things you enjoy and remember that Christmas Day is just one 24-hour day out of 365 in a year. And you can probably spend 12 or more of those hours sleeping if you like.

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