This Indonesian Market Featuring Rendang And Balinese Tapas Is Coming To Bristol This Weekend

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Be transported from Bristol to Bali at this market.

If only we could jet off to Bali this summer for some sunshine, relaxation and some incredibly tasty food. Luckily for Bristolians, this weekend they can get a taste of Indonesia and discover this wonderful country located between the Indian and Pacific oceans.

On August 8, Bristol Indonesian Society will be hosting their fifth annual event at The Station for you to explore from culinary to cultural experiences. The theme of the festival is “Pasar Indonesia”, or translated as “Indonesian Market”, an event showcasing 12 Indonesian Street food, arts & crafts, dancers and entertainment.

The market aims to introduce Indonesian culture to the UK outside of London, and what better place than Bristol? With an incredible food and culture scene, it’s undoubtedly the perfect city. Expect delicious Rendang, tasty gado-gado, warm Balinese Tapas and authentic Indonesian brewed coffee and teas.

At this event, Bristolians will head on a culinary journey with starters such as siomay (steamed fish dumplings with vegetables served with peanut sauce) and bubur ayam (a savoury congee with chicken, bread sticks and a spiced chicken broth). Plus you can select desserts from a range of stalls including bubur sumsum (sweet coconut rice porridge) by Yummi Foods and cendol (pandan flavoured rice jelly in sweet palm sugar and coconut milk) by Rose Hackney.

One stall which will be set up at the event is Enggi’s Kitchen, which has a permanent fixture in the Bristol food scene, promoting Indonesian street food. Established in 2015, today Enggi’s Kitchen trades in places such as St Nicholas Market, Finzel Market, Paintworks and events all around Bristol and  the Southwest.

Chairwoman of Bristol Indonesian Society, Enggi Holt, said: “After a year absence due to Covid-19 restrictions in the UK, we are thrilled to host the first Indonesian Summer Festival 2021 in Bristol.” As well as food stalls, there will also be Indonesian dances and instruments, all visitors will have a chance to watch Indonesian short films, traditional dances and learn Bahasa Indonesia with complimentary tickets at the Station from 11am – 4pm.

For more information head the organisers’ website here.

Bristol Indonesian Society Festival, The Station, Silver Street, BS1 2AG

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