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Lunch needn’t be boring with this shop’s sandwich selection.

Put down the sad lunch as this Bristol shop has a pretty impressive sandwich game, serving sarnies full to the brim with exciting flavours alongside plenty of savoury snacks such as giant Scotch eggs and sausage rolls- your midday meal will never be the same again. Boasting five locations in the city and offering delivery, the people of Bristol needn’t go hungry as there’s bound to be one of Sandwich Sandwich’s shops not far from their doorstep.

Sandwich Sandwich serves every possible filling and combination you desire with the choice of devouring it between slices of either white, granary or caraway bread. Choose from the likes of overnight roasted rare topside of beef with red onion jam, horseradish mayo and Stilton; or sliced roast chicken, avocado, smoked back bacon with a lemon and tarragon mayonnaise.

Veggies can enjoy sandwiches filled with the likes of crushed sweet potato pakora, packed with cucumber, spring onion, fresh coriander served with carrot, mint yoghurt and mango served in a flatbread with spinach and crunchy house salad. Plus, their menu features veggie sausage rolls and sweet pastries and indulgent desserts such as cheesecake stuffed muffins, brownies, rocky road and cinnamon-spiced bread pudding.

However, this sandwich shop is not just known for their incredible cross-section snaps of their delicious sandwiches (which are award-winning) as their Scotch eggs are quite jaw-dropping. Or drool-inducing. Coated in a thin crust of seasoned breadcrumbs, these Scotch eggs have a thick sausage meat filling encasing a rather spectacularly-boiled egg, oozing with a gooey yolk.

And they not only serve lunch but also breakfast too. Select your filling of choice (sausage, bacon, omelette, veggie sausages and other breakfast fillings) in regular sliced bread, or in a baguette, soft brioche roll or flatbread.

Find out where your nearest shop is here.

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