This Bristol Sandwich Shop Is Giving Away 1,000 Christmas Sandwiches, And They Are Massive

Alice Lorenzato-Lloyd Alice Lorenzato-Lloyd - Staff Writer


The purveyors of possibly one of the best sandwiches in Bristol, if not the country, has announced a festive special that’s sure to leave you drooling and running to your local branch for lunch. Sandwich Sandwich has collaborated with the business behind Wapping Wharf’s Pigsty, The Jolly Hog, to create the world’s biggest Christmas sandwich and to top off this festive feast of a sarnie, it comes with a pot of dipping gravy.

Known for their incredible, gigantic and jaw-stretching sandwiches, Sandwich Sandwich is celebrating the launch of this special by giving away one thousand (that’s right, one thousand) free Christmas sandwiches on December 1. And it keeps getting better, as not only can you nab a free sandwich but hidden in one of the sandwich boxes will be a Sandwich Sandwich black card, that will entitle the owner to free sandwiches for a year. 

Credit: Sandwich Sandwich

For their annual Christmas sandwich 2021, Sandwich Sandwich, which has five Bristol branches, wanted to go bigger and better than ever before and so has created with The Jolly Hog what they believe is ‘the world’s biggest (and best) Christmas sandwich’. Inside this whopping sando is sliced roast turkey, cranberry sauce, sage and crispy onion mayonnaise plus The Jolly Hog’s black treacle bacon and sausage stuffing, then accompanied by a pot of gravy recreating a Christmas dinner between two soft slices of bread. 

CEO of Sandwich Sandwich, Nick, said: “We have been serving Sandwiches to the people of Bristol for over 10 years and we’ve always had so much love from our customers. So, for Christmas this year we want to give something back and we want to go big. So, we are giving away one Thousand free sandwiches on our launch day. Not only that but we have created the world’s first gravy bar, plus lots of other awesome surprises. It’s going to be a proper sandwich celebration.”

Credit: Sandwich Sandwich

Speaking of the collaboration, Olly Kohn, Co-Founder of The Jolly Hog, said: “We are thrilled to be partnering up with Bristol institution Sandwich Sandwich on what we believe is the biggest and best Christmas sandwich ever. Using our Outdoor Bred, British sausages and bacon, this sandwich is a match made in heaven and the experts at Sandwich Sandwich have created something truly great.”

This sandwich will be available from December 1, and the sandwich giveaway will take place outside Sandwich Sandwich’s Baldwin Street store, between 11am-2pm.  There is really no catch to this giveaway, just turn up at the sandwich shop and grab one of their fantastic festive sandwiches.

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