You Can Get A Marmite And Peanut Butter Meringue Pie At This Bristol Bakery

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Do you love it or do you hate it?

Known for their beautifully-decorated and deliciously-flavoured sweet treats, Bristol bakery Ahh Toots has divided the crowd with their latest bake. Combining the much-loved and much-hated spread, Marmite, with salty peanut butter to create a unique meringue pie some may say it’s a step too far whilst others would call it culinary genius.

The bakery on Christmas Steps announced this nutty, umami creation a few days ago as a special on their menu. Ahh Toots also created a reel teasing this somewhat peculiar flavour combination staying they were “pushing the boundaries on this weekend’s meringue pie”.

The meringue pie features a thick layer of peanut butter filling as well as a Marmitey (that’s a word, right?) jelly that is then scattered with crunchy pieces of peanuts. Then the pie is finished with a hefty topping of meringue that is then blowtorched. The bakers said in their Instagram post that with their meringue pies they are always inspired by London bakery, Meringue Girls, who you guessed it bake a lot of marvellous meringues.

Ahh Toots are constantly being creative with their flavours and designs for their pies, having had previous flavour specials such as their Pride pie- a white chocolate and passionfruit flavoured pie with rainbow layers and likely to put a smile on anyone’s face.

Other flavoured pies include rhubarb, hibiscus, orange and custard meringue pie, as well as pistachio and sour cherry which is said to be making a comeback. And of course, their pie crusts are always cooked to perfection- no soggy bottoms here!

As well as pies, the independent, woman-owned business also serves up amazing cakes, cookies, doughnuts, cookies, cinnamon buns, savoury pastries and traybakes. It also offers DIY baking packs, plus boxes packed with a range of cake slices or traybakes like blondies and brownies, which can be delivered to your door, locally or nationally, or available for collection.

Owned by baker Tam, her bakery sells gorgeously decorated cakes, big and small, suited to whatever the occasion may be- weddings to a weekend treat- as well as offering afternoon teas. Although this marmite and peanut butter creation is not vegan, Ahh Toots offers an impressive array of baked goods for vegans, coeliac and even vegetable-based cakes so you can enjoy a sweet treat and get your five a day.

For all you peanut butter and Marmite lovers who can’t get enough of this pie, earlier this month the Bristol bakery also created limited edition doughnuts featuring this flavour combo. If you’re up for a slice of this sweet and salty pie then get running as it won’t be around for long, however Ahh Toots has hinted that this special might make a return in the future…

Ahh Toots, 17 Christmas Street, BS1 5BT

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