8 Of The Very Best Places To Kiss In Bristol

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The ultimate guide to Bristol’s most romantic spots.

Bristol is no Paris but it needn’t have to be crowned the city of love to have its fair share of romantic spots for a cheeky peck. From picturesque parks to places with enviable views of the city, check out these romantic spots in Bristol, that could be pretty perfect to kiss at, whether it’s on Valentine’s Day or not. Here’s your warning to get a bucket in case of soppiness overload.

1. Clifton Observatory

Looking to impress? Head up to one of Bristol’s highest towers for panoramic views of the city to plant that first, or 1000 and something, kiss at. Plus, if you’re feeling a tad nervous about all the eye contact, at least you have an excuse to look at something else and can take in those epic views of the Clifton Suspension Bridge, Bristol and beyond. Plus, the viewing platform is great for cosying up with your loved one, watching the world go by from above.

2. Brandon Hill

Head to the top of Cabot Tower on Brandon Hill for more unbelievable views of the city, all for free. Towers can be rather chilly so this gives you that movie moment where a jacket is offered to the chillier of the pair, opening up the possibility of a kiss.  Although it’s probably not the place to take your date if they don’t have a head for heights…

3. Castle Park

Nothing says romantic quite like a picnic in the park and Bristol has plenty of picnic-perfect spots for you to visit, especially during the spring and summer months. Castle Park is probably one of the most beautiful and bright green spaces in Bristol. It might be slap bang in the city centre but it makes the romantic spots list as it provides plenty of escapism with your loved one away from the hustle and bustle, due to its grassy areas, silver birch trees, a sensory herb garden, and ruins of Bristol Castle and St. Peter’s Church.

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4. Bristol Harbour

There’s just something about being by the water that can be romantic. Bristol Harbour as the sun sets is divine. [Insert emoji with heart eyes here.] When you head down to the docks and see that view, you can definitely see why it was the perfect setting for a little romancing back in the day for all those that arrived in Bristol.

5. Leigh Woods

There’s something quite magical about walking through Leigh Woods. With a few secluded spots and even walking paths that cover you from the rain, these woods couldn’t be designed more perfectly for that romantic kiss. On a bright, sunny winter’s day in Leigh Woods it feels as though you’re in a fairy wonderland as you traipse through the area’s natural beauty. With the sun shining through the tree leaves, you may end up swooning over that as opposed to that walking partner of yours.

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6. University of Bristol Botanic Gardens

These botanical gardens in Stoke Bishop offer plenty of places to roam with your date or loved one on foot. You can watch the wildlife in each of various temperature zones, including the sub tropical zone featuring orchids, or chill together in the outdoor gardens surrounded by gorgeous flowers, either way these botanical gardens are rather dreamy.

7. Arnos Vale Cemetery

Ok, hear us out here. We know cemeteries don’t exactly scream romance but Arnos Vale is a pretty unique cemetery. It is internationally recognised as one of Britain’s best examples of a Victorian garden cemetery, set in a leafy 45-acre Arcadian landscape dotted with classical buildings, historic monuments, sweeping carriage drives and leafy walks lined with wildflowers. As you wander through this cemetery you’ll feel like you’re in a period drama of some sort, and we know there isn’t a shortage of romance in those programmes and films.

8. Lover’s Leap at Blaise Castle Estate

It’s in the name so this is most definitely one of the top romantic spots in the Bristol area. Blaise Castle Estate as a whole is pretty romantic, but if you head up to the Lovers Leap viewing spot it is  spectacular. Witness dramatic precipice towers above the gorge and incredible views of the surrounding areas, on a good day you’ll see Stoke Bishop and Sneyd Park, as well as Dundry in
the distance. After those views (and an uphill walk), take refuge on the viewpoint bench for that romantic embrace.

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