Experience The Magic Of Candlelight Concerts At Bristol Museum And Art Gallery

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This beautiful museum and art gallery in Bristol is home to the city’s best cultural experiences.

In need of an uplifting boost after months in lockdown? Well, one of Bristol’s magnificent museums bathed in candlelight awaits you. Bristol Museum and Art Gallery, with origins that date back as far as 1823, provides the most spectacular scenery to the beautiful sounds of classical and jazz music, especially with the incredible feature of the Bristol Biplane replica hanging from the ceiling’s main hall. Relax and listen to movie soundtracks such as ones featured in Harry Potter and Star Wars, as well as compositions by legendary composers such as Vivaldi, Chopin and Mozart all within one of Bristol’s most historic buildings.

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Following major success in cities such as Sydney, Barcelona, New York and Paris, Fever’s series of Candlelight concerts have found a spectacular home at Bristol Museum and Art Gallery– with both performers and guests alike enthusiastic to be surrounded by the building’s Edwardian Baroque architecture. This magnificent building has undergone a series of restorations over the years, including after the Bristol Blitz where part of the museum was gutted by a fire following a bomb hit in 1940. The museum and art gallery features world-class collections, from dinosaurs and gems to magnificent fine art and Egyptian artefacts all across three floors. In 2009, it even hosted an exhibition of artwork by the infamous Bristol artist, Banksy. With the breathtaking Bristol landmark brimming with so much art and culture, it means it is a prime venue for concerts, but none have been draped in gorgeous candlelight quite like this before.

Ample candlelight provides a wonderfully intimate setting, with fantastic acoustics, thanks to its beautiful high ceilings, the Bristol Museum and Art Gallery carries the sounds created by the talented performers that take to the stage at each event. From wonderful violinists to some of the country’s best pianists – there’s a whole lot of talent that walks through the doors of this Victorian hall, providing the most uplifting, candlelit experience in the city.

So, you’ve got an incredible venue, mesmerising candlelight, and some of the greatest musical compositions of all time – all that’s missing is you!

Candlelight: Ennio Morricone, Hans Zimmer & More at Bristol Museum & Art Gallery

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